Electric Vehicle Lab, Solar Oven Highlight EFCC 2016 for SmarterSTEM

efcc-poster-smarterstemEducation company SmarterSTEM will demonstrate an electric vehicle lab and a breakthrough solar oven course at its booth for the 2016 Educating for Careers Conference, EFCC, March 6-8, 2016 at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California. Booths: 116-118. With the theme “New STEM Pathways” SmarterSTEM is bringing real world projects like electric vehicles, solar ovens and 3D printers to students.

Michael Mack, founder of SmarterSTEM, is scheduled to deliver a presentation “New STEM Pathways” during the conference. SmarterSTEM is introducing a variety of ways to inspire students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


3D-EV Capstone Electric Vehicle Lab – NEW

The new 3D-EV Capstone Electric Vehicle Lab highlights SmarterSTEM’s 3D curricula pathway, giving students a direct pathway from design to production using the many 3D technologies growing popular in the workplace. 3D printing and 3D computer modeling integrate these disciplines to jumpstart the STEM classroom. 3D printing allows more advanced projects building everything from RC cars and drones to medical devices.

*** NOTE: Students and teachers from Independence High School in San Jose, California will be sharing their 3D-EV Capstone electric vehicle project at EFCC Booth 116-118. Meet Sorin Neagu, Automotive Technology Instructor, and his students.


GoSun Solar Heat Technology – NEW

GoSun Solar Heat Technology is a Solar STEM project-based course designed to educate students about solar heating and cooking technology. SmarterSTEM is proud to be partnering with GoSun Stoves (http://www.gosunstove.com) helping students learn about math and science.

GoSun’s breakthrough solar ovens use advanced materials and smart geometry to boost the efficiency of solar ovens, which can bake even on a cloudy day.

Students assemble the Solar Cooking Lab kit while following a step-by-step assembly guide with video instructions included with the course curriculum. The course explores the background, history and assembly of components used in capturing solar energy for heating and cooking. Construction and assembly of a solar cooker is included in the lab portion of the course.

The course starts with an Introduction to Solar Cooking, History & Basics, Principles, the Math of Energy and Heat; Energy Sources; Fuel Used in Heating; Heat Concentrators; Parabola & Reflectors; Heat Storage; Workbooks, Quizzes and more.

Part of the course integrates the use of 3D printers to construct the frames and mounting systems for the Solar Array.

Visit the booth and enter to win a GoSun sport, the perfect solar stove for backpacking, picnicking and solar cooking on the go. To learn more about GoSun Stoves, visit http://www.gosunstoves.com.

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