3D-Print is a STEM based course designed to put a working 3D printer into your classroom. Students assemble the frame, hardware and electronics and 3D-print components as they build their own working 3D printer. The program is designed for grades 7th and up and is presented in a 16-week course taught and assembled in the school lab/shop and classroom. Once completed, the 3D printer can be used for other projects.

3D-Print Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to 3D Printers
Unit A: About this Course
Unit B: 3D Printing Overview

Module 2: History of 3D Printing
Unit C: Invention of the 3D Process
Unit D: 3D Printing as a Business Model
Unit E: Industry Trends

Module 3: Intro to CAD Modeling
Unit F: History of CAD
Unit G: CAD in Education
Unit H: CAD Software

Module 4: Intro to 3D Programming
Unit I: History of 3D Programming
Unit J: Industrial & Open-source Programming

Module 5: Intro to Arduino Programming
Unit K: Learning the Arduino IDE

Module 6: The 3D Printing Process
Unit L: How It Works
Unit M: Types of 3D Printers
Unit N: Materials Used in 3D Printing

Module 7: The 3D Printer Assembly Sequence
Unit O: Tools
Unit P: Computer & Software Requirements
Unit Q: Assembly Summary
Unit R: Printable Parts
Unit S: 3D Printer BOM
Unit T: Steps in the Assembly Process

Module 8: Using the 3D Printer In Your Classroom
Unit U: Location of the 3D Printer
Unit V: Calibrating the 3D Printer
Unit W: First Run Routine

Module 9: 3D Print Project Ideas
Unit X: Where to Look
Unit Y: Staying Connected to the Open-source Community
Unit Z: 3D-EV

Module 10: Appendix
Section A: 20 Shop Checklists
Section B: Tools
Section C: Bill of Materials
Section D: Protocols
Section E: Schematics
Section F: Outside Resources
Section G: Collaboration in the 3D Printing Community
Section H: Technical Troubleshooting
Section I: Recycling Filament
Section J: Using Sketchup, GrabCAD, 123D Catch
Section K: Developing Concepts and Ideas
Section L: Careers

Instructor Training is available for this course.

3D-Printer Assembly Kit

3D printer frame, X, Y, Z Shafts/Motors/Carriages, Bed, Print Table, Extruder, Internal Mounting Hardware, Electronics & 3D-print components. Once completed, the 3D printer can be used to 3D-print other projects.

16 Week Curriculum with Lesson Plans, Complete Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions with 54 Detailed Video Segments & Final Exam (Project can be built multiple times)

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