SmarterSTEM’s PrintLab coursework teaches hands-on STEM concepts via sixteen-week 3D Printing curriculum

3D-PrintLab is a STEM based course designed to put working 3D printers into your classroom. The program is designed for grades 6th and up and is presented in a 16-week course taught and assembled in the school lab/shop and classroom. Once completed, the 3D printers can be used for other projects.

einstart_c_printer_800 Printer Specs
OEM Model: Einstart-C
Print Technology: FDM
Layer Resolution: 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.4mm
Footprint: 364*386*380mm
Build Size: 153*153*153mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Local Flash Storage: 4GB
Screen: 3.5-inch Color Touch Screen
Connectivity: Thumb drive, USB Cable, Wi-Fi
Filament: 1.75mm PLA
Software: 3DStar

3D Printing Made Easy
At the heart of the bundle are 2 EinStart-C 3D printers. The innovative desktop 3D printers were created especially for schools, featuring a fully enclosed build chamber, safety door and automatic bed leveling. Having multiple printers allows you to maximize the number of students getting hand-on experience with the course projects.

3D Printable Files in Minutes
It can take some time to learn how to design complex, intricate models in CAD for 3D printing, but the EinScan-SE 3D scanner allows you to turn any real-world object into a digital 3D model in just 2 minutes on the automatic turntable.

Lessons Tied to Core Curriculum
SmarterSTEM DIY is a pioneering curriculum consisting of hands-on lessons for teachers and students everywhere. The simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making projects and hands-on activities into core curriculum subjects. How to get 3D PrintLab Lesson Plans.

A Semester-Long City Design Project
Kideville is a sustainable city design project, where each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process.
This group project builds self esteem and teaches valuable teamwork skills that simulate what students may encounter as managers or employees in a workplace setting.

Lifetime Resources
From making a 3D contour model, 3D scanning clay models, ergonomic 3D printed pens, and other useful tools and designs, we’re bringing amazing content to classrooms around the world.

Our Lifetime Bundle includes lifetime resources, educator training and lessons for your school or district on a regular basis.

Teacher Training
Educators play an essential role in assisting their students to become the next generation of innovators and we take pleasure in helping them develop new skills through training activities and online courses included in the bundle.

The PrintLab Instructor Training Class is a 2-3 day immersive workshop for instructors. The class includes a 160 page Education Handbook that leads educators through the journey of the curriculum’s ecosystem. There are training resources on each product and exercises such as calculating material costs, print durations and resource planning for project management.


3D-Print Course Outline

(download content sample)
Module 1: Introduction to 3D Printers
Unit A: About this Course
Unit B: 3D Printing Overview

Module 2: History of 3D Printing
Unit C: Invention of the 3D Process
Unit D: 3D Printing as a Business Model
Unit E: Industry Trends

Module 3: Intro to CAD Modeling
Unit F: History of CAD
Unit G: CAD in Education
Unit H: CAD Software

Module 4: Intro to 3D Programming
Unit I: History of 3D Programming
Unit J: Industrial & Open-source Programming

Module 5: Intro to Arduino Programming
Unit K: Learning the Arduino IDE

Module 6: The 3D Printing Process
Unit L: How It Works
Unit M: Types of 3D Printers
Unit N: Materials Used in 3D Printing

Module 7: The 3D Printer Assembly Sequence
Unit O: Tools
Unit P: Computer & Software Requirements
Unit Q: Assembly Summary
Unit R: Printable Parts
Unit S: 3D Printer BOM
Unit T: Steps in the Assembly Process

Module 8: Using the 3D Printer In Your Classroom
Unit U: Location of the 3D Printer
Unit V: Calibrating the 3D Printer
Unit W: First Run Routine

Module 9: 3D Print Project Ideas
Unit X: Where to Look
Unit Y: Staying Connected to the Open-source Community
Unit Z: 3D-EV

Module 10: Appendix
Section A: 20 Shop Checklists
Section B: Tools
Section C: Bill of Materials
Section D: Protocols
Section E: Schematics
Section F: Outside Resources
Section G: Collaboration in the 3D Printing Community
Section H: Technical Troubleshooting
Section I: Recycling Filament
Section J: Using Sketchup, GrabCAD, 123D Catch
Section K: Developing Concepts and Ideas
Section L: Careers

3D Print Lab Curriculum and Assembly Kit includes:

  • 2 ea. EinStart-C 3D printers (Designed with schools in mind, the EinStart-C is a plug & play 3D printer with auto bed levelling, full enclosure, wi-fi connectivity and 100 micron print resolution) The 3D printer can be used to 3D-print other projects.
  • 1 ea. EinScan-SE 3D Scanner (3D scanning is a great starting point for schools wanting to create their own 3D printable files. The EinScan-SE allows you to scan a physical object in just 2 minutes)
  • 10 ea. Innofil PLA Filament Media (Biodegradable polymer with low melting point)
  • 16 Week Curriculum with Lesson Plans (Complete Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions with 54 Detailed Video Segments, Kideville sustainable city design project, Makerversity DIY Lesson Plans to incorporate hands-on activities and projects) & Final Exam
  • 12 month subscription to free 3D PrintLab Lesson Plans

$3,750 plus freight Single Site License (Project can be built unlimited times)

Extras Included for a Limited Time:

  • Instructor Training is available for this course. (Online training includes how 3D printing works, health and safety best practices, project planning lessons)
  • HoneyPoint 3D Meshmixer Online Course (Detailing how to edit and repair 3D scans and sculpt with digital clay, software included)