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3D Printing Growing Popular in High School, College

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via USA Today

Abby Daun likes running her fingers over the numbers and ridges of a small clock she designed and printed in 3D, according to a recent USA Today article. One of the reasons why SmarterSTEM loves 3D Printing as part of our 3D Pathway is because of the deeper connection it makes with students.

The seventh-grader at Webster Stanley Middle School has a knack for 3D printing, and said she chose to make a clock for her first project because the design is simple and complex at the same time.

“I can actually hold something I made,” she said. “I didn’t have to do much. I just designed it and it printed out like that.”  READ MORE

Students learn to conserve water by 99% at Water Walk in San Jose

Thank you, teachers in San Jose, for inviting SmarterSTEM to take part in their inaugural Water Walk celebration.  The event featured students forming a “bucket brigade” to carry water around, simulating how people in other parts of the world actually bring water to their families. Continue reading

NOVA Workforce Development & Independence HS Host Advanced Fuels Workshop

NOVA East Bay Union HSD Advanced Fuiels Workshop

Students learning about Electric Cars at the NOVA Workforce Development / East Side Union HSD Advanced Fuels Workshop

Students and parents visited the Advanced Fuels workshop at Independence High School. The program was hosted by NOVA Workforce Development and Independence HS. The focus of the event was to explore alternative fuels, their impact on transportation and environment and possible career pathways in the industry.

Students demonstrated their own STEM related projects, including CAD automotive modeling and custom Arduino Kits with code. Each participant had a chance to explore Independence’s electric car lab, identify components on the vehicle, work with tools and schematics and see how they work to power the vehicle.

Some lucky students even got a chance to test drive the electric car!

STEM Education Jobs in High Demand

STEM Education - Instructor Training for Electric Car Assembly, including chassis, suspension, brakes, electrical, battery, charger.

Automotive instructors in Northern California receive training in electric car assembly through SmarterSTEM.

Whether you’re a teacher, counselor, or administrator, you just may have the background and experience to quickly and easily implement a cutting edge STEM program. Jump over to for 1000+ job listings in STEM Education, or become a STEM Coordinator via another want ad from the Boys and Girls Club. Half of STEM jobs go unfilled in Arizona, according to the Arizona Office of STEM Education.

Continue reading

NY Times | Rising Call for STEM over Liberal Arts

More STEM, Less Liberal Arts

New York Times Image

(New York Times) When the Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin, suggested last month that students majoring in French literature should not receive state funding for their college education, he joined a growing number of elected officials who want to nudge students away from the humanities and toward more job-friendly subjects like electrical engineering.

Frustrated by soaring tuition costs, crushing student loan debt and a lack of skilled workers, particularly in science and technology, more and more states have adopted the idea of rewarding public colleges and universities for churning out students educated in fields seen as important to the economy. READ MORE

EV Instructor Training Made Possible by California Education Grant

2016-01-29 11.51.57 (1)

For the second year in a row, the California Department of Education awarded a grant for instructor training in EV assembly, covering the cost of the course and making it free-of-charge to high school instructors for continuing education. And for the second straight year it sold out.

The instructor course, which took place January 25-29 in Rancho Cordova, California just outside Sacramento. Organizer SmarterSTEM ( is seeking funding and recruiting to hold more instructor training classes in the future. The course was taught by Bruce Cosby of Advanced Automotive Training in Rancho Cordova, California.

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San Jose High School Adopts SmarterSTEM Electric Vehicle Assembly Course

  • Sorin Neagu, Automotive Technology Instructor, Independence High School, San Jose, California

Auto shop teacher Sorin Neagu caused a spectacle when he launched Independence High School’s new course.

He drove through the center of school at lunchtime in front of hundreds of students, in a shiny three-wheeled hot rod, offering rides and rewarding his best students with turns behind the wheel. What better way to recruit students to a new course in STEM education? Continue reading

SmarterSTEM Podcast #101 – Electric Auto Shop on the Road


Mike and Alex are back after a long hiatus to explain where the Electric Auto Shop has gone… inside SmarterSTEM to be accurate. Brought to you from a roadtrip to San Jose.  Listen on the player below.

Electric Auto Shop is now a part of SmarterSTEM. Today’s STEM classrooms use new technologies to inspire students and while we will continue bringing electric vehicles and alternative fuels to our students via Electric Auto Shop, we will bring new ideas like our 3D Curricula Pathway, which uses 3D printing and design to unlock a multitude of new projects for students, from electric vehicles, to drones, to medical prostheses.

You’ll be able to see some of these new courses at EFCC 2016 – the annual Educating for Careers Conference, March 6-8 at the Sacramento Convention Center, including the 3D-EV and our new Solar Thermal Technology Lab.

On this is episode 101 of the SmarterSTEM podcast Mike and Alex hit the road (just like the old days) from Santa Rosa to San Jose, California to visit Independence High School and instructor Sorin Neagu. Little did they realize the hubbub that would ensue when Sorin drives the 3D-EV Capstone into the middle of campus at high noon. While we cannot show any of the students faces, believe me watching their faces light up when they saw Sorin driving the 3D-EV Capstone was priceless.

Sorin Neagu, Automotive Technology Instructor, Independence High School, San Jose, California

We enjoyed podcasting from the road, and Mike did well not to crash. By the way, when driving from the South Bay to the North Bay, and visa-versa, the East Bay is always much easier than the Peninsula. We flew up the Fwy 880 north past the Tesla Factory, spying a couple of Model S’s or Modelesses, plural, along the way. Definitely cool seeing more electric cars on the road, including the Nissan Leaf, the Smart Electric Drive, Chevy Volt, and the BMW i3.

We always love getting your feedback, so drop us a note or give us a review on iTunes. Stay tuned for more podcasts from the road. If you have an idea, guest, or would like to share your own EV project, we’d love to hear from you.

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