Coding Module 2

SmarterSTEM Coding Course Module #2

Module 2: Using Kits and Components (LEDs, Buttons, Potentiometers, Sensors) “Welcome to the Island”
Unit C: Setting up the Kit Lab
Unit D: Staging Components
Unit E: Building Complex Projects

Educational Goals:


Using Kits and Components

  • Provide the foundation and skills needed to continue with more complex projects
  • Understand prototyping with breadboards and temporary circuits
  • Write complex code and execute it successfully
  • Build confidence and self esteem by solving challenges

This Module reinforces some basic physical and electronics concepts needed to be well understood before advancing to more complex lessons and projects. The students need to become familiar with the use and function of a breadboard, the LED/resistor pair and inputs such as buttons and sensors. In this volume we introduce an additional breadboard that can be used for more complex projects in the future. It also shows how the elements/components can be separated physically from the Arduino and moved to another standalone location, while still interacting through simple wires (expanded circuits).

The challenges are introduced in a non-sequential order of complexity. One a scale from 1 (easy) to 5 (complex), the complexity of each challenges introduced is 3-2-1-5. This is was done by design. The first challenge is supposed to be more difficult to solve than the next two to build confidence about solving a complex problem. While relatively complex from a number of components and wires, the last challenge is the aggregate of all previous challenges into one. Note, the last challenge is complex and not all students will be able to solve it by themselves. Failure in this case is expected. A teacher or parent can help guide the student towards the solution (a complete solution is available online).

The Island of PodPi is revealed in the middle section of the magazine. The Island is a place where each electronic concept is represented and illustrated in way that students can relate to and understand. Many artifacts are displayed on the map (not all), each with a specific role and associated concept.

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