Coding Module 4

SmarterSTEM Coding Course Module #4

Module 4: Introduction to Binary, Learning Mac and PC, 0’s and 1’s, Circuit Boards, Logic Gates “The Big Reveal”

Unit I: Understanding Binary
Unit J: Understanding & Using Integrated Circuits

Educational Goals:


Intro to Binary on Mac and PC

  • Learn to read and write Binary on Mac and PC
  • Introduction to the ASCII Table
  • Learn the concept Integrated Circuits and understand how they work


Binary is the foundation of all digital electronics and thus computer science. Understanding binary and concepts related to binary will provide the students a much better understanding of digital computing, including sensors, communications, performance, data storage and retrieval, etc.

Students are introduced to the “Learning Beach”. The Learning Beach is where Pods come to learn new concept (like binary). The beach has all elements of learning, especially all the books necessary to learn any electronics and computing topics.

In the first step, the student is introduced to a card game (bundled with the edition) that provides a fun way to learn binary by playing a card game with another person. The volume goes on to describe Integrated Circuits from simple transistors to complex microcontrollers. Next, the student learns binary in practice using a 4bit counter (custom board) that snaps onto the Arduino prototype shield. The circuit has 5 different controls (inputs) that are described in details and how each control impacts the integrated circuit and its internal logic. This is the very first practical introduction to an integrated circuits dealing with input and outputs other than just on and off as in the previous volumes.

There are no challenges in this volume, but a fun project to build at the end. The student will be building a binary clock that displays the date and time in a binary format.

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