Coding Module 5

SmarterSTEM Coding Course Module #5

Module 5: Counters & Electricity, Voltage, Ohms Law “Measure UP”

Unit K: Understand STEM concepts of Electricity
Unit L: Introduction to new terms (Ohm’s Law, Voltage, Amperage, Wattage, Resistors, Diodes)
Unit M: Learn to read resistor values using a color chart

Educational Goals:


Learning Counters, Electricity, Voltage and Ohms

  • Learn about electricity in general concepts, component terminology
  • Introduction to Ohm’s Law
  • Measure resistor values and read a color chart


With this Module students will receive a small voltmeter/ammeter. They will learn how to measure voltage at certain points in their circuit. Measure the voltage drop of LEDs and the difference in voltage and colors.

A lesson shows how a light sensor changes the voltage in a circuit when the ambient light is changing. This lesson builds on top of Volume 1, lesson 6 on light sensing. In the next set of pages, the students are introduced to Ohm’s Law and asked to provide the correct resistors (and standard values) for various LEDs and various current combinations. The lesson continue with the introduction to voltage dividers and how to make your own ohmmeter by only using resistors and a voltmeter.

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