Our team of professionals design and publish our cutting-edge STEM curricula streams to reach the widest range of students and instructors on a number of educational levels of participation with highly marketable STEM skills and at highly cost-effective price points designed to fit any budget.

Optimizing Education

Frame-04-02-2016-07-55-16Adherence to Common-Core-Standards is essential in developing knowledge and skills required for college and work applications. SmarterSTEM course are more than simple assembly labs.  While we are committed to bringing STEM education to students and schools, we understand that this education must effectively match important STEM standards and lead directly to preparedness for college and/or career readiness. The material in our coursework is clear, project-based, consistent and relevant to these Common-Core-Standards goals. 

Our coursework incorporates these important points: 

Science & Technology

  1. Define problems in diverse formats with better precision
  2. Learn to think differently when approaching new problems
  3. Gather and analyze data and evaluate alternative solutions
  4. Understand component function alone and within subsystems
  5. Make visual connections between drawn schematics and actual wiring
  6. Understand impact of energy movement and transfer on society & environment
  7. Write informative and explanatory texts to convey complex ideas
  8. Use technology (internet, video, excel, animation, CAD drawings) to interact and collaborate with others


  1. Define criteria and constraints for specific design
  2. Testing and improving design
  3. Evaluate competing design options
  4. Generate data by constructing models
  5. Test data in experiments and express results verbally and textually


  1. Understand problems and persevere in solving them
  2. Learn how to reason abstractly and quantitatively
  3. Interpret and critique the reasoning of others and propose viable alternatives
  4. Understand how to model with mathematics and determine probabilities
  5. Understand and use measurement tools
  6. Communicate with precision
  7. Investigate and acknowledge structure
  8. Look for and understand patterns
  9. Articulate and explain discrepancies

Download a Common-Core-Standards pathway created by schools for the Electric Auto Shop alternate fuels course.

We believe our coursework accomplishes the important task of meeting STEM requirements while also inspiring students to learn more. Schools using our courses have entered competitions that required extra effort such as after school and weekend work on their assembly projects. The enthusiasm and teamwork generated by these course activities contributes greatly toward college and career readiness.

We can assist you in learning more about meeting your goals for meeting Common Core Standards. Contact us.

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