Drone is a STEM project-based course designed to educate students about drone technology, drone assembly and maintenance, flight theory and applications of drone duty cycle technology. Students assemble the “Quadcopter Drone” frame kit included with the course. A step-by-step assembly guide with video instruction is included with the course curriculum.

In addition to the assembly lab portion of the course, students will learn the science of drone flight, safety and liability considerations, GPS, navigation and manual and automatic flight strategies. The program is designed for grades 7th and up and is presented in a 16-week course taught and assembled in the school lab/shop and classroom. The goal of this curriculum is to give students the practical skills related to drone design, maintenance and flight technology so that they may apply them in the dynamically evolving Drone and unmanned aerial vehicle’s workplace.

Drone Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Drone
Unit A: About this Course
Unit B: UAV Overview

Module 2: History of Unmanned Vehicles
Unit C: Invention of the Drone
Unit D: Early Military Applications
Unit E: Industry Trends

Module 3: Vehicle Types
Unit F: Fixed Wing
Unit G: Micro, Medium and Heavy Duty Helicopter
Unit H: Hand & Runway Launched Vehicles

Module 4: UAV Duty Cycle Considerations
Unit I: Optical Applications
Unit J: Payload and Personnel Applications

Module 5: Intro to Design Parameters
Unit K: Wing Types (High, Shoulder, Low, Swept)
Unit L: Fuselage Types
Unit M: Power Plant Considerations

Module 7: The Quadcopter Assembly Sequence
Unit N: Safety Considerations
Unit O: Tools
Unit P: Schematics and Circuits
Unit Q: Components (Frame, Motor Drive, Energy Storage, Charging, Optics, Sensors, Controls,Telemetry, Computer Interface)
Unit R: Assembly of Subsystems
Unit S: Overview of Teams & Definition of Duties
Unit T: Step-by-Step Assembly Process

Module 8: Using the Quadcopter
Unit U: Flight Theory (Lift, Weight, Thrust, Drag)
Unit V: Flight Simulation (Controls & Maneuvers)
Unit W: First Flight Routine

Module 9: UAV Drone Project Ideas
Unit X: Where to Look
Unit Y: Staying Connected to the UAV Drone Community
Unit Z: Student Group Presentations

Module 10: Appendix
Section A: 20 Shop Checklists
Section B: Tools
Section C: Bill of Materials
Section D: Protocols
Section E: Schematics
Section F: Pilot Training, Inspections, FAA Regulations
Section G: Collaboration in the UAV Community
Section H: Technical Troubleshooting
Section I: Operational Risk Management (ORM) Considerations
Section J: Competition & Racing
Section K: Careers

Instructor Training is available for this course.