EV Capstone Overview

The EV Capstone course is a step by step curriculum for teaching electric vehicle technology. The program is designed for grades 9th and up.  It is a 16-week course taught and assembled in the school lab/shop and classroom.   

Course Goal: To educate high school, vocational, college, and technical school students about the design, construction, and viability of electric vehicles.  The course involves assembly of an electric vehicle drive train (provided with course) into the Capstone vehicle (provided with course).  The resulting vehicle is a pure drive electric vehicle (EV).

The class will learn the advantages of using an electric drive train, including cost savings, environmental impact, and ease of use.  The course includes background theory on electrical power, including definitions and terms (ex: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, energy, power, aerodynamics, rms voltage, electric mpg, and more).  The course also includes brief history and current status of EV technologies and career possibilities in electric transportation industry.

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