Emerging Technology

One of the ways that SmarterSTEM designs and develops our latest, cutting edge STEM education programs is by connecting and working directly with innovative developers of emerging technologies and software programs, including new mobile apps, light spectrum-based technologies and others. This focus combined with our High School Inc. education program that teaches students how to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses gives students the key skills and insights they need in order to successfully design and deploy new technologies, understand business models and learn how to protect novel ideas.

Some of our recent course developments have come from industry experts and educators in the fields of:

    • Robotics & Prosthetics
    • Light Spectrum Based Technologies (download sample)
    • Apps & Mobile Technology Platforms

If you’re an inventor or developer of an innovative emerging technology and you’re interested in exploring the benefits of working with us to develop a program that can also bring you valuable exposure and other benefits we would love to talk to you. Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you to explore the opportunity.

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