High School, Inc.

High School, Inc. is an educational curriculum for is an entry level course for early entrepreneurs that is guided by the principle that students can learn the skills necessary to start businesses and become employers themselves. They can acquire these skills at the 9-12 grade level with no experience and minimal capital. They can also use these skills to enhance opportunities along their educational pathway or start income-producing businesses.

High School Inc. uses text and video sequences to explain how to start a business at home or in a small office with one computer and an internet connection. Please follow our progress for more advanced courses on Coding, Mobile Application Development and others.

Course Modules

Module 1: What’s in Your Head?food machine business
Module 2: Power
Module 3: Discipline
Module 4: Strategy
Module 5: Computers & Technology
Module 6: Building Your Website
Module 7: E-Store &CartModule 8: Building Your Brand
Module 9: Processing Money Online
Module 10: Banking & Accounting
Module 11: Employees & Contractors
Module 12: Registering Your Business
Module 13: Building Partnerships
Module 14: Additional References

Download an HSI Course Outline