How It Works

See creator Fork Farm’s website for information.

The Food Machine is a high quality indoor hydroponic growing machine made from lightweight but sturdy plastic. The Food Machine stands 5 feet tall, fits in 9 square feet of space and has an algorithmically-controlled grow light in the center. Plants are gravity-fed water; there is no soil. It can operate 24/7 year round and grow a variety of crops. Growing indoors, you can avoid the destruction of disease and insects from your farm or garden.

The Food Machine has about a 28- to 35-day turnaround with its crops. The reason it’s twice as fast is we can control all the environmental factors to growth. We make sure it has just enough water and nutrients and oxygen and carbon dioxide, specifically in balance with each other so you can speed up the plant’s metabolism.


Instructor Training is available for this course.

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