Racer8 Cart

Racer8 Cart Overview

Students will learn the following in an 8 week period:

Energy and its relationship to work and motion
Planning for the optimal use of energy resources
Basic tools and safety in the work environment
Voltage and safety procedures related to electric vehicles
Controller programming and control board design and operation
General schematic reading and comprehension of symbols and terms
Charging techniques for traction batteries and auxiliary power storage systems

Module I: Introduction to Electric Drive Vehicles
History of EVs
Definition of electrical and working power (video sample)
Cart components
The Cart assembly sequence
Drivetrain integration
Battery charging and cycles
Controller use and programming (video sample)
High voltage safety

Module II: Systems Overview
Accelerator Linkage System
Battery system
Electronic Control System (video sample)
Braking System
Charging System
Motor System

Module III: Assembly Sequence
Install Heatsink & Controller (video sample)
Install Contactor
Install Potbox
Wiring the Controller
Mounting the Motor (video sample)
Wiring the Motor (video sample)
Installing Batteries
Installing Key-on Switch & Test Drive

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Single-School license of the Racer8 curriculum with complete assembly kit parts starts at $9950. Please call for course sample 888-881-8404 or contact us for info.

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