Solar Heat Technology

Solar Heat Technology Course


Solar Heat & Cooking Technology Course

Solar Heat Technology is a STEM project-based course designed to educate students about solar heating and cooking technology. Students assemble the Solar Cooking Lab kit included with the course. A step-by-step assembly guide with video instruction is included with the course curriculum.

Solar Cooking Technology explores the background, history and assembly of components used in capturing solar energy for heating and cooking. Construction and assembly of a solar cooker is included in the lab portion of the course. (download a course sample)

Solar Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction to Solar Cooking
Section 1: Beginning the Course
Section 2: Course Objectives
Section 3: Course Structure
Section 4: Video Guide

Chapter 2: History & Basics
Section 1: History
Section 2: Solar Cooking Principles
Section 3: Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3: The Math of Energy and Heat
Section 1: Energy Sources and Uses
Section 2: Specific Heat Sources
Section 3: Fuel Used in Heating
Section 4: Heat Concentrators
Section 5: Parabola & Reflectors
Section 6: Heat Storage
Section 7: Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4: Solar Applications
Section 1: Electricity
Section 2: Heating
Section 3: Cooking
Section 4: Chapter Quiz

Chapter 5: Solar Cooker Construction & Assembly Sequence
Section 1: Components
Section 2: Lab Safety & Instructor Checklists
Section 3: Solar Tube Assembly Sequence
Section 4: Using the Student Workbook
Section 5: Chapter Quiz

Chapter 6: Using the Solar Cooker
Section 1: Location & Setup
Section 2: Calculating Cook Times
Section 3: Using the Heat Battery
Section 4: Cleanup & Packing
Section 5: Chapter Quiz

Chapter 7: Final Testing
Section 1: Final Exam
Section 2: Alternate Exam
Section 3: Certification

Chapter 8: Solar Project Ideas
Section 1: Where to Look
Section 2: Staying Connected to the Solar Community
Section 3: Student Group Presentations

Chapter 9: Appendix
Section 1: Manuals & Schematics
Section 2: System Troubleshooting & Test Cases
Section 3: MSDS
Section 4: Curricula Pathways
Section 5: Promotion & Competition
Section 6: Continuing Education & Careers
Section 7: Additional References

Chapter 10: Glossary of Terms

Instructor Training is available for this course.