ars technica | Why it’s critical for the next gen to be tech creators not consumers

Microsoft_Article01_AyahBdeir_ARS_1_retina-640x426It’s important for students to learn the nuts and bolt of technology via hands-on training, rather than simply being users of the technology. On a recent podcast (LISTEN) we talked about an article in ARS Technica, “Why it’s critical for the next gen to be tech creators not consumers.”

Reading about littleBits inspires us at SmarterSTEM to bring more ideas and learning labs to classrooms so students can learn about more than just electric transportation.  The 3D-EV is cool, but before students start building their own cars, at an earlier age they need to learn the basics: design, modeling, AutoCad, 3D printing. With these tools there is no limit to what students can create, so SmarterSTEM’s 3D Pathway works the same way.

‘I didn’t buy it! I made it!’ — ARS Technica

Rather than enslaving students by technology, giving them the keys to unlock their future. READ MORE

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