Training 3D-EV


3D-EV Instructor Training Format

Day 1
Components & Chassis –Identify Components: Swing Arm & Power Train; Battery & Control Circuit; Chargers & Displays.
CLASSROOM Teams will review Electrical/Electronics using Electro Training Stations.
LAB Teams will complete chassis disassembly and project staging.

Day 2
Understanding BOM –EV Power Train Subsystems: Wiring & Component Interfaces.
CLASSROOM Teams will learn Motor Types; Speed Controllers and Driver Interfaces.
LAB Teams will complete Terminations Exercises; Assemble & Test the Traction Battery, Build Chassis to rolling state.

Day 3
Electrical Powerflow –Ignition Sequence: 12v Ignition Components.
CLASSROOM Teams will learn Contactor/Coil Circuit; Lights, Displays & Accessories.
LAB Teams will install Controller & Potbox; DC-DC Charger; Ignition Circuit to Traction Battery, Motor, Mounts, Sprockets and Transmission Drive Interfaces.

Day 4
High Voltage Wiring & Heat Management -Wire & Cable sizing; Cost & Safety Factors; Safety Labels.
CLASSROOM Teams will learn Solder, Heat Shrink & Labels; Component Location & Temperature Design; Terminal Positions, Re-using Project Components.
LAB Teams will install Traction Battery; Connect High Voltage Wiring; Install Charger and DC-DC Converter, Engage First Run & First Drive Routines.

Day 5
Class Concluding Session -Final Q&A, Instructor Collaboration, Closing & Certificates & Finalize Assembly.

Each instructor will leave the training session with a 3D-EV course outline and certificate that they can use to explore building the 3D-EV Capstone project curriculum at their school.

3D-Print Instructor Training

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