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3D Printing

3D Printing

3D-Print Instructor Training Format

Day 1
Intro to 3D Printing –Calibration & Setup, Mechanical Parts Layout and Bed Leveling are a part of this process.  Instructors also begin to learn to use the G-code Generator for Slic3r, create config, files, learn basic-to-advanced setting and exportation processes and learn the Arduino IDE.

Day 2
File Resource Management –instructors learn where to source various project files, how to detect and fix corrupt files, navigate repositories and upload and share their own content with the 3D community.

Day 3
Printer Assembly –instructors begin the assembly of the 3D printer frame, carriages, motors, idlers and guides. Switches and electrical assembly steps are completed. Firmware is added and final calibration adjustments are made prior to first run routine.

Day 4
First Print -instructors learn about the Razor Scraper and conduct their first project print. Printer manufacturer design concepts are compared and discussed. Extruder and Stepper Driver assembly and adjustments are made.

Day 5
Final Calibrations & Class Collaboration -instructors finalize assembly, compare test prints, share class goals and teaching strategies, receive certification.

Each instructor will leave the training session with a 3D-Print course outline and certificate that they can use to explore building the full curriculum at their school.

3D-EV Instructor Training

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