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Computer Coding Instructor Training

Overview from the Inventor, Stephane Come

SmarterSTEM offers full Instructor Training Sessions for the Beginner JavaScript Coding Curriculum. Instructors learn instructional techniques for the course and labs in the training sessions. The sessions are very collaborative and friendly with instructors sharing notes and techniques.

Computer Coding Instructor Training Format

Day 1
Setting up your machine-Instructors learn steps and sequences for using this course on Mac, PC and Chromebook. In order to get started with the lessons, you will learn to prepare your computer so that it can interact with the Arduino board, Instructors learn two main software components; the JavaScript run-time called Node.JS and the Arduino software along with the drivers.

Day 2
Intro to Coding –Understanding JavaScript vs. C. Instructors learn JavaScript server side functions, use in robotics and other applications. Sources and availability of libraries such as serialcomm and Johnny-five. JavaScript concepts and ease of use for kids when starting the learning process. Instructors will learn techniques in teaching all basic constructs of a program, including lesson plans for variable assignments, flow control, function calling and others.

Take-home Resources
-Download and install instructions for Node.JS
-Download and install instructions for Arduino

Instructional Textbook
-Step-by-step instructions for preparing Arduino boards and getting
-Firmata uploaded instructions
-Full troubleshooting guide for Q&A and other common questions for beginners

In addition to the step-by-step video sequences for supporting you in using this curriculum, we also provide content with useful course ideas and strategies:
-Techniques on giving your kids an early edge
-Resources for future ideas and projects such as Code Academy

-Techniques on creating and sharing ideas related to these early-stage educational concepts
-Competitions and Events with descriptions and locations

Instructor Training Session Samples
Sample from the Instructor Training Session for using the course on Mac

Sample from the Instructor Training Session for using the course on PC

Each instructor will leave the training session with a course outline and certificate for introducing the curriculum to their school. This course is held in Sacramento, CA (please ask about on-site training at your school).

3D-Print Instructor Training

Please contact us for information and course samples.