Students learn to conserve water by 99% at Water Walk in San Jose

Thank you, teachers in San Jose, for inviting SmarterSTEM to take part in their inaugural Water Walk celebration.  The event featured students forming a “bucket brigade” to carry water around, simulating how people in other parts of the world actually bring water to their families.

SmarterSTEM’s new Food Machine Lab was on display to attract more students to the environmental sciences. While advancing knowledge of math and science, SmartSTEM’s new Food Machine course and lab teaches students water conservation as well. Aeroponics is covered in the course, which can reduce water usage by 99 percent[!] over conventional methods.

The San Jose Mercury News reported students saying the challenge was quite difficult and they “almost broke their necks” “…carrying up to five gallons of water strapped to their backs.”

smarterstem waterwalk water conservation san jose high school bucket brigade stem #edtech

Students learn where clean drinking water comes from. | San Jose Mercury News

What a great way for students to appreciate what goes into access to clean drinking water. Which reminds me… time to hydrate!

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